Cameron Veterinary Clinic is pleased that our large animal hospital and haul-in facility is officially ready for you and your animals.

Our large animal facility, located just 3 miles from the clinic at 84 Ranch Road, is set up to handle more extensive care than we have been able to provide at the clinic. Easily accessed off Ranch Road, the facility is gated for security, is easy to maneuver a truck and trailer around and provides trailer parking if needed.

A spacious, enclosed, well-lit aisle and wash rack offer heated and ventilated space to work on your animals regardless of weather and time of day.

An indoor arena with very good, consistent footing is an excellent place to perform an in-depth lameness exam or pre-purchase exam any time of year with consistent results. In addition, there is a large round pen and outdoor arena to provide additional workspace.

Indoor, sheltered and well-lit standing surgery suite provides us the opportunity to do many procedures with ease and cleanliness not possible in a field surgery setting.

Two of the seven stalls in the barn are set up for ICU care, with IV fluid hangers, heat and fans and cameras for easy 24-hour observation by our staff. All stalls also have outdoor runs if appropriate for the patient.

The barn includes an area to handle and treat cattle, including a fully adjustable squeeze chute, easy access for trailer loading and unloading, and an area to sort out animals who may need to stay for additional care. Designed to hold 4-5 head at a time, this area is perfect for dystocia treatment, sick cow work or testing of a few head.

The heated office includes a lab to run blood chemistry samples on site and wireless internet for access to the clinic’s practice management records system and reference lab results.

We can hospitalize patients for anything from intensive medical colic care with IV fluids and pain management, round-the-clock supervision and quick lab reassessments to long term wound care needing daily treatments, bandaging, medications, etc. The fully portable digital x-ray and ultrasound units that we have had for years are available for use at the barn as well.

We will be utilizing the barn for everyday care including vaccinations, floating teeth, etc. You can schedule your appointment to haul animals into the barn, saving you the mobile call fees associated with us coming to you.

We are happy to work with your regular large animal veterinarian or your farrier as well, to use the facility to provide care that they may not be able to in the field. (Routine boarding will not be available.) The barn and appointment scheduling are available by calling Cameron Veterinary Clinic at 505-466-1540.