House calls:

We provide scheduled house calls (or “farm calls”) for livestock patients only at the doctors’ discretion. House call services are not available for dogs and cats. At times, with advance notice, we are able to provide house call euthanasia services for our existing clients and patients. (NOTE: House call euthanasia service has been suspended indefinitely during the COVID-19 pandemic.)

Payment Policies:

Services provided by Cameron Veterinary Clinic will be paid for at time of service.

Medications and supplies will be paid in full at time of receipt.

A credit card must be on file to be billed for field services on the day of the farm call. If you have questions regarding fees, please ask ahead of time.

Payment plans are no longer accepted.

We do accept Care Credit.

Please ask for an estimate of costs of services and medications if one has not been offered to you.

No Show appointments:

We will charge a $38 fee for all clients who do not show up for their scheduled appointment. Please call us as soon as possible if you know that you will not be able to make your scheduled appointment. Otherwise, this fee will be assessed. New clients will be asked for a credit card to be placed on file at the time they schedule their first appointment. This $36 fee will be assessed using that card if they do not show up for their first appointment. If a new client’s first appointment is a no-show, they will only be rescheduled at management’s discretion and the fee will still apply.


We require 48 hours notice for all prescription refills, both in the clinic and through on-line pharmacies. If you need a prescription refilled in a shorter period of time a $12 fee will be added to the cost of the prescription. Please consider using our online pharmacy to refill long-term medications. This will provide for automatic refills when approved by the doctor and shipping directly to your home. A link to that is located at the “online store” button on our homepage:

Long term medication refills:

Animals who are long-term prescription medications need to be examined by the doctor at least once a year and may need to have blood tests run on a regular schedule to monitor their medications and potential adverse effects. Why?

  • Medications can have adverse effects on other body systems and we need to know ahead of time that the body is healthy enough for them.
  • Medications can have adverse effects on kidney or liver function, and gastro-intestinal health.
  • Medications are metabolized and excreted primarily by the liver and kidneys. If one of these organs is not working properly, the medication will not be removed from the body as expected, potentially poisoning the patient.
  • Medications may be metabolized by the body at different rates the longer they are used. We need to know that the drug is in the patient’s body at a safe and useful dose.